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Is the 4S shop still equipped with a reversing radar or panoramic reversing image?

author:   Release time:2020-01-09 14:50:32

It should not be affected. In the relevant provisions of the Three Guarantees, the "Chapter VI Three Guarantees Liability Exemption, Article 30. During the warranty period of the family car products and the warranty period, if one of the following conditions exists, the operator Regarding the quality of the products involved, it is not necessary to assume the three guarantees stipulated in these regulations: (3) The user's manual clearly states that no modification, adjustment, or disassembly is allowed, but the consumers themselves modify, adjust, and disassemble and cause damage; "

This rule tells us very clearly:

1.The installation of electronic products is not included in this list;

2.Electronic products that must not be modified should be clearly stated in the instructions;

3. If it is expressly prohibited from being modified, no other damage shall be caused as a result.