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German car world 2019 Guangzhou auto show new car listing summary

author:   Release time:2020-01-09 14:53:12

For the auto industry, the Guangzhou Auto Show is a year-end battle. Judging from the current auto show situation, gunpowder is full of smell. Beijing Mercedes-Benz GLB debuted domestically, the A35L became AMG's first domestically produced model, and the BMW X6 ushered in a new generation. Even Aston Martin launched its first SUV model, the DBX. It can be seen that all car companies are struggling to show their housekeeping skills. Of course, in addition to these "luxury cars", it can also be found that family cars are also gradually becoming electric. The auto show also introduced many plug-in hybrid and pure electric models. Let ’s take a look at the models you are following!